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Skate Services at Skaters Edge

When you use your ice skates on a daily basis, they soon succumb to general wear and tear and once you have broken them in they may not feel quite as good as the day you put them on. Dull skates and ill-fitting boots can all contribute to a reduction in the quality of your performance on the ice.

Here at Skaters Edge, we believe properly maintaining your equipment is essential in helping your performance. That is why we provide a range of skate services to keep your ice skates, and equipment looking and working at their best so that you can too.

We provide skate sharpening and depths of grind to suit every skater to ensure a responsive skate and greater control when skating. Additionally we also provide boot stretching, boot riveting and boot heat moulding to give your ice skates that fit perfectly to your own feet for more comfortable performance.

Whatever your skate servicing needs, our team of highly skilled and experienced skate maintenance staff can increase the comfort and durability of your skates.

Skate Sharpening
Skaters Edge provides precision sharpening guaranteed to maximize the life of a skate blade and designed to help skaters of all levels. We make sure that edges are level, and with the use of our custom template ensure that a blade's curve/rocker is profiled to make all skating skills easier. This is also beneficial to skaters of all levels because it ensures that the roll to the toe is consistent and the "sweet spot" or spinning spot is positioned for rotation speed and control.

Replacement Blade Fitting
We can fit both figure/dance blades and hockey blades. You will need to leave your skates with us for a minimum of 24 hours for this service.

Heat Moulding
We are able to use the heat oven on certain ice hockey skates to ensure maximum fit and comfort.

Boot Stretching
If you have a few lumps and bumps on your ankles or feet we can stretch your figure/dance boots to accommodate them and make them much more comfortable.

Hook and Eyelet Replacement

Replacement Rivets

Stick Cutting

Helment and Cage Fitting
If you purchase any ice hockey equipment and helmets we will ensure that they fit correctly before you buy and advise you on the correct products for your needs.

Skate Fitting
If you are buying your skates with us we will ensure they fit correctly before you make your purchase. We will also help you decide which skates would be best for certain activities such as general skating and Skate UK grades. Our staff are always happy to help with any questions you may have.